Temperature Monitoring Panel

The Temperature Monitoring Panel processes up to 16 temperature sensors making it ideal for temperature mapping of freezers, ovens, sous vide, as well as heavy industrial applications monitoring bearing, gearbox and drive train temperatures. The system also features a further 16 inputs that can be used for digital, frequency and resistive measurements.

Input Configuration

Temperature can be ready by any PT100 / PT1000 temperature probe – length, diameter and mounting style are all selected based on the application. The remaining inputs are programmed/scaled to suit the installation, typical uses include valve feedback, speed pickups, door switches and fault/alarm indicators.

Output Configuration

All outputs from this system are ready directly via ethernet for display, logging and further processing by a control PLC or SCADA system. The panel has been proven with Schneider Citect SCADA 2016 and provides local display of all temperatures and inputs on a 7” colour touchscreen.

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