Fuel Management System

The OrbTech FMS system provides trackability of dispensed fuels for audit purposes and efficiency calculations. In standard form the system supports up to 1 million users with 8 digit pin number verification and 3 digit vehicle numbers. User authentication can be preconfigured with usernames or integrated with a RFID reader for more secure operations. The system can be retrofitted to an existing installation with single or three phase pumps and any type of pulse output flowmeter.

Output Configuration

Standard configuration provides dry relay contacts for integration to an external pumping station however modification can allow for direct control of DOL or VSD motors of any size in single or three phase configuration.

Input Configuration

Positive displacement, Ultrasonic, Magnetic-Inductive Vortex flowmeters are all compatible. Selection is individually assessed for each application around accuracy, maximum flow and media (if varying from standard fuels).

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